Survival Technology | Awesome Quick Snake Trap Using Primitive Technology That Work 100%
——————– Note ——————–
– This video is only for entertainment purpose
– Do not try to do like this at home or school
– We are not recommend catch or kill animals
– Killing animals are not allowed in our country
– Please look after wild animals together!

Hey guy! #Survival_Technology is here for you. If you like #wildlife, #animals, how to catch animals, catch bird with trap or trapping, adventure and discovery of new things, This is the channel for you. We will update daily of new creative way of how to make trap, to catch animals, primitive life and also daily adventure of our team.

Note: don’t try to follow our videos. All trapping are not real. We only the videos for entertainment and showing you how to trap animals in some ways that we have experienced during our hard time. In the videos, all the animals are our pets, we didn’t hurt the animals or birds.

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