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A subreddit dedicated to Red Dead Redemption & Red Dead Redemption 2, developed by Rockstar Games, the creators behind Grand Theft Auto.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. The game’s vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience.

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  • Overused meme formats/macros, unoriginal or memes that cannot stand on their own in reference to rdr2 will be removed.

Current banned memes:

Rules (Detailed Rules)

  • Follow proper reddiquette.
  • This subreddit is about a video game; keep political discussion to other, more appropriate subreddits. This is not the place for heated console debates.
  • Due to the nature of Red Dead Redemption and its M-rating, M-rated language and content is allowed, within reason. However, this does not mean things like insults and personal attacks are allowed.
  • Use spoiler syntax:>!RDR is a great game!< will become RDR is a great game
  • Comment spoiler syntax DOES NOT work for some mobile users. Everyone still must use spoiler syntax, but those who browse on mobile web or non-official reddit apps be aware
  • Absolutely no spoilers, intentional or otherwise, in the title of your post.
  • All posts with spoilers INSIDE them must have [Spoilers] or [Spoiler] in the title
  • This will be considered a serious offense and will result in a permanent ban from the subreddit.
  • Unsure whether it’s a story spoiler? Mark it as one to be safe. (Or ask the mods)
  • They must be related by more than just the title.
  • If you are submitting a meme: unless the image is directly related to Red Dead Redemption, it must be separable from your title and still remain funny.
  • Other memes can be posted on /r/RedDeadMemes
  • LFG Posts belong in /r/RedDeadCrews.
  • Videos or spam, intrusive or obvious fluff content will be removed.
  • Misleading titles and posts, trying to trick user into clicking your post.
  • Image macros , overused generic meme formats and low effort/common in game screenshots will be removed. Memes must make a genuine attempt at humor. Consider posting to /r/RedDeadMemes.
  • Simple questions should be asked in the daily question thread.
  • Duplicate content will be removed.
  • Well-written articles with sources are preferred over fluff articles and evidence-less news/speculation posts.
  • Websites with excessive ads, agenda-pushing, misleading content or links, etc. may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
  • Link to official sources such as R*’s official website or social medias.
  • Incorrect link flair can often be corrected but may result in the removal of your post.
  • Contact the mod team if you make a mistake.
  • Sharing OC is strongly encouraged, and with OC often comes self-promotion.
  • We ask that you take care to participate in the community beyond self-promotion.
  • Users who actively engage themselves in the subreddit and make the occasional self-promotional post will be approved.
  • However, treating our subreddit solely as a platform for advertisement is not allowed.

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Mod note

Failure to follow these rules will result in posts or comments being removed, and may result in bans, the length of which to be determined by the nature of the infraction.

Posts and comments from new users will automatically be removed. Don’t ask us the specifics, we won’t tell you. However, we will be happy to manually approve your comments if you send us a message

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