Let’s Go Hunting!! Gamestops New Legendary Pokemon Event is on and we are ready to go!! KYOGRE AND GROUDON!! You know I’m there! Free Pokemon Cards! New Pokemon Product! Exclusive merchandise! Unlockable Game Content! Come along as we hunt for some of this new pokemon greatness and we might even pick up some suprises along the way! Then help us open up the haul stuff after we get back! This is one exciting hunt you don’t want to miss out on! Thanks for watching and hunting the fun with us!!


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☆About Hardcorllector Channel☆
Hardcorllector is a Family Friendly Toys and Card Collecting channel that is fun for audiences of any age but focuses mainly at kids and the fun of collecting! The Dad is known as Hardcorllector (for always being a hardcore collector) and the son is know as EthanMonster (known for being a “monster” since being a mischievous baby). CARL is a Shopkeeper who opened a real store inside their house and has been known to be a very shaddy character! Mom is camera shy while the littlest one Baby Arianna will be appearing on special moments in the channel. This channel is family friendly fun and never uses foul language or anything considered too mature. They collect everything from Pokemon cards and toys, plushes, Legos, Pixar Cars, Marvel and Dc Figures, Hot Toys, Star Wars, Disney merchandise and various movie items. Additionally they will be playing video games like pokemon app games and in the coming future more family oriented games. This is the place to enjoy the hobby of collecting and enjoy some of the funniest family bonding toy and card unboxings you will ever see! SHARE THE FUN!