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The Drive Sleek cell phone signal booster will keep you connected in your car, truck, suv, or any other vehicle. We’l show you how to install the Drive Sleek step by step in this video.

Installation can be done in three basic steps. First install the outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Second install the signal booster. Third install the cell phone cradle. That’s all there is to it!

Install the outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle, make sure not to get it close to any windows including sunroofs or other antennas. Run the cable inside and to where you’ll be installing the booster.

If your vehicle has an aluminum or non ferrous body the magnet will not stick. In this case we provide an adhesive disk to securely mount the antenna to your vehicle. Watch this video to learn more:

Install the booster anywhere in your vehicle as long as it has adequate ventilation. Some common spots are in the trunk of a car or beneath the seats in any type of vehicle.

The cradle comes with a removable magnetic vent clip. Simply mount the vent clip to any vent and easily attach the cradle securely to it. You can also use an existing magnetic mount you already own, stow the cradle in a cup holder or the center console, or anywhere else you normally store your phone when in the car.

Power the booster up and you’re all set! Now you’re experiencing strong reliable cell signal wherever you travel.