first and foremost i am sorry for the bad video quality, i don’t know why but none of my clips wanted to export nicely this week.

clips used:

whatsssssssssss poppin yall. hope yalls’ novembers are good. kpop is so damn wild this november, all of my faves are feeding me so WE EATIN GOOD THIS THANKSGIVING.

also im sorry if you ever get double notifs from me, sometimes my vids have copyright content that get blocked so i have to edit and reupload.

just incase people were curious, here’s who i’m voting for MAMA 2018:

– Best Music Video: BlackPink “Ddu-du Ddu-du”
– Best Male Group: GOT7
– Best Female Group: BlackPink
– Best Male Artist: Dean
– Best Female Artist: Sunmi
– Best Dance Performance (Boy Group): GOT7 “Lullaby”
– Best Dance Performance (Girl Group): Red Velvet “Bad Boy”
– Best Dance Performance (Solo): Seungri “1,2,3”
– Best Vocal Performance (Group): IKON “Love Scenario”
– Best Vocal Performance (Solo): Heize “Didn’t know me” **this is subject to change, everyone give me recs for this category!!
– Best New Male Artist: Stray Kids
– Best New Female Artist: I honestly have no damn clue, I don’t stan any of these groups. either way i think it’ll be IZ*ONE, but gimme recs for this too
– Best OST: Paul Kim “Every day, Every moment”
– Best Band Performance: Day6
– Best HipHop & Urban Music: Jay Park “SOJU”
– Mwave Global Fan Choice: GOT7

anyways see yall next time!

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